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Some crazy student; a 20 year old who loves to travel, lives off shoes, inhales coffee at an unnatural rate and regularly gets her kicks from Jeremy Kyle! =D

Food for Thought: Time Out!!

Just a short post: For those of us who didn’t take English Literature, reading novels isn’t a luxury! Well, for me at least! Taking two languages doesn’t leave much spare time to read books and just relax. So now that … Continue reading

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Food For Thought: Seasonal Affective Disorder!

So really what does SAD have to do with books? Hmm, honestly not a lot but it got me thinking about how we change with the seasons. Personally I love to read with the seasons! At Christmas I read “The … Continue reading

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Chick Lit: Made of Fluff or Real Stuff?

  Now we all know I LOVE to cause an online riot and my eyes literally light up at the word debate! I’m currently interested in the different opinions about the “Chick Lit” genre or more formerly known as Women’s … Continue reading

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