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Review: ‘A Possible Life’ by Sebastian Faulks

Set in five different places in five different times, ‘A Possible Life’ is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Rather than a single solid story, Faulks’ new work is a series of novellas  set in different space or time, however, joined … Continue reading

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Time-bomb by Emily Townsend

Look – it’s me again Churning the barrels of time like an ancient clockwork mouse Dickory, Cinderella, Midnight’s fresh air bounds me to a staple, a house A glass slipper shimmering in a Dorset window, Fitting only one perfect in … Continue reading

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In a Kingdom Far, Far Away. . .

…is a place that we have all known and loved, but does this magical world of princesses, knights and girls in little red capes have a place in the 21st Century?  I talk to Marina Warner, one of our very … Continue reading

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Review: “Light in August” by William Faulkner

Faulkner is often referred to as ‘the greatest American novelist’ and the ‘psychologist of the South’, his books as regarded as difficult to approach, perhaps even scary, and finally none of his works has had a major Hollywood makeover.  These … Continue reading

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