Mr. Monogamy by Grace Dashwood

You came into my life, as if out of the blue,
Always around yet now strangely new,
As if for the first time I notice your eyes,
As you look at me promising truth in your lies.
Your smile made me hopeful, weak at the knees,
As my heart beat uniformly, eager to please,
I stopped thinking with my head, believing the stranger,
But as usual my heart had lead me to danger.
Your Cheshire cat smile glowed in my head,
As I found myself once again laid in your bed,
I felt I’d found safety here in your arms,
Childish to think I’d avoided your charms.
I lied to myself, your past didn’t matter,
Painting rainbows and flowers, mad as a hatter,
Of course I was different, you liked me for me,
My subconscious waiting for my blind eyes to see.
Give me your future and I’ll give you mine,
If you do as I say then all will be fine,
I found myself falling, what should I do,
Should I give up my dreams for a life filled with you.
Your passion turned to anger as my dreams took flight,
I’d seen it before, told myself it’s alright,
I saw that same look, same glint in your eye,
I saw myself falling, for the same brand of guy.
A paper chain girl, holding your hand,
You spun me a web and I clung to each strand,
You stood before me, in the clearness of reality,
But I created you, created us, set up my fatality.
Your promises wilted, your lies flaked to dust,
I clung to the scraps but my love turned to lust,
Your eyes lost their shine in the harshness of morning,
I woke to your smile and my subconscious warning.
I looked at the stranger stood there in his coat,
The beautiful face, with harsh words in his throat,
Your arms stretched out to the girl who obeyed,
The mess, our mess, my mess that I’d made.
Your kisses felt empty, like thousands before,
I’d left my dignity laid out on the floor,
A clever girl knows when she’s being naive,
But a smart girl knows when it’s time to leave.
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3 Responses to Mr. Monogamy by Grace Dashwood

  1. Alex hall says:


  2. Sarah Frost says:

    You are absolutely amazing x well done my baby girl xxxx

  3. lyndsey hunn says:

    i love it so much can stop reading it!!! so proud of you shubber oos xxx

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