Food For Thought: Seasonal Affective Disorder!

So really what does SAD have to do with books? Hmm, honestly not a lot but it got me thinking about how we change with the seasons. Personally I love to read with the seasons! At Christmas I read “The Night Before Christmas” by Scarlett Bailey (Twitter: @ScarlettBailey she’s actually really lovely to chat to and genuinely very down to earth!) as it got me all excited for Christmas and added to the magic of the season. I do this every year; I read a Christmas themed book and my all time childhood favourite “The Giant Under The Snow” by John Gordon (I actually got this book from my grandma, so it’s old school and a total classic!).


But now we’re faced with Spring and Summer in the coming months I started to think of what I’d normally read during these times of year and subconsciously for years I HAVE been reading with the seasons:

  • WINTER: Tales of crisp mornings and Christmas adventures creep into my reading list!
  • SPRING: New Beginnings and Change dominates the theme of most of the books I read…
  • SUMMER: Sun, Sand and Sea! If I can’t go on holiday then I am most definitely living vicariously through a book!
  • AUTUMN: The End of An Era, usually about things coming to an end but in a good way (nobody really enjoys a sad ending!)

I realise that this is partly due to that brilliant marketing tool called “Advertising” but there are the obvious books that I’ve read before and always seem to return to. Somehow there is something reliable in those books, that their words hold a glimmer of hope that something just as exciting could happen, just maybe, to me at that time of year too!

So there’s my food for thought for this week! Are you Affected by the Seasons and what are your favourite seasonal reads?


About Cate

Some crazy student; a 20 year old who loves to travel, lives off shoes, inhales coffee at an unnatural rate and regularly gets her kicks from Jeremy Kyle! =D
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One Response to Food For Thought: Seasonal Affective Disorder!

  1. Anna Parker says:

    Funny, but never really thought of this before! It’s true though, ‘American Gods’ is a Winter book for me, wouldn’t feel right, reading it during the Summer! Whereas ‘The Great Gatsby’ is definitely a Summer read 🙂

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