Chick Lit: Made of Fluff or Real Stuff?


Now we all know I LOVE to cause an online riot and my eyes literally light up at the word debate! I’m currently interested in the different opinions about the “Chick Lit” genre or more formerly known as Women’s Literature. We’ve probably all stumbled across the odd romance and maybe even a Mill’s and Boon novel, but with many women of all ages now taking an interest in female literature, can we call this genre real literature?

Chick Lit is basically written for women by women and what really separates the genre from typical women’s fiction is that there is the humorous element throughout the storyline. Many novels in this genre tackle personal issues such as dating, relationships, weight issues, life issues and many more. Often told from a point of view that pulls the audience in as if the narrator is confiding in them, Chick Lit novels offer something to identify with, and a great percentage of the audience take comfort from this.

I love the odd book to read that’s light and funny and easy going and I am one hundred per cent a sucker for a happy ending; everything that is beheld in a Chick Lit novel, but can we call it literature and is it really any good when compared to Authors such as Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks? This is something I personally have thought about for a long time and as someone who has taken a bash at writing several times, let me tell you it isn’t easy! I think anyone who can write a book, no matter how long or short who can capture an audience, using witty words and an inspiring plot has my high five.

So why do people insist on spreading gospel that Chick Lit is “Mindless trash” and “literary vomit, but less interesting”? Well, let me set you all straight: not every Chick Lit book is a winner; some of them really are boring, predictable and just a plain waste of time! However, some earlier novels are exciting, light and frankly a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants escapism with a practical sense of reality. And as the genre evolves, the standard of writing has too. Writers such as Lindsey Kelk and Scarlett Bailey stride ahead with novels that are glamorous but realistic and genuinely get their audience excited about what they are reading. Sub-genres such as; “Marriage Lit” and “Christian Lit” have started springing up across the literary world!

In my opinion, we need genres such as Chick Lit, which appeal to an audience from age 20-60 years as it is more likely to get people reading, which let’s face it, is never a bad thing! But what do you guys think? Is Chick Lit all fluff or does it consist of real literary stuff? Let me know in the comments below!


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Some crazy student; a 20 year old who loves to travel, lives off shoes, inhales coffee at an unnatural rate and regularly gets her kicks from Jeremy Kyle! =D
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